Sweat Lodge

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Sweatlodge Protocools


Sweatlodge is an ancient and sacred blessing, a gift to the human family from Spirit.  It is a place of safety and grace, of prayer and healing and of ceremony and happiness.


This is to be a public lodge, serving our island community, open to men and women of all ages and races.  It has been built with a deep respect for the land on which it sits and the countless 'ancestors' that have walked upon it.


What to bring:             a towel.. some drinking water... some food or drink for the sharing feast after the ceremony [ not compulsory ]...  and some sandals or clogs.


What to wear:             men usually wear summer shorts... women usually wear a full length loose

                                    covering of some sort; sometimes leggings with an over skirt or sarong

                                    and sleeved blouse... the rule of thumb is comfort and modesty


Some protocols:          children are always welcome but must be tended [in consideration for

                                    others and for their own safety]

                                    no alcohol or drugs for 3 to 4 days before the ceremony... no pets during

                                    the ceremony and they are not allowed to run free on the property at any

                                    time... please mention any allergies to cedar or pine or juniper [they are often used as smudges]...

                                    women on their 'moon' time, traditionally, do not sweat with the general

                                    public and we follow that tradition at this lodge..


Offerings:                    It's always good to make an offering to Spirit and to the lodge, and

                                    generally that is tobacco and/or a money donation.

                                    If special prayers are needed, one can offer tobacco to the lodgekeeper for

                                    his/her help or.. one can bring tobacco into the lodge, pray with it and it

                                    will be placed on the altar for Spirit.


Money donations are happily accepted and go in part to CorUnum and to the ongoing maintenance of the lodge... wood gathering.. trips to the mainland for the lava rocks used in this lodge.. laundering blankets.. new tarps.. tools etc. are some of the needs that are covered by your donations..