October 2006


Aho Beloved Brothers and SiStars,

 In Deed we are evolving, confirming that all life is but moment of transition.

 Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in sending this email. Our beautiful sistar Julie is moving back to Toronto which has necessitated the acquisition of a new web site and email server. Our appreciation for the efforts she devoted to CorUnum and the Newsletter is truly Heart felt. Journey well Dear One, the Love of your family here goes with you.

 We have registered "CorUnum" as a internet domain and the task before us now is to update the page to reflect the appropriate changes.

 Below I have included Louise's October Welcome (which was ready in time) and shall send another email when the formal newsletter is available for viewing.

 The new URL for CorUnum is http://www.corunum.ca

 Thank you for your consideration.

May our World be filled and thrilled with

the Light of Eternal Love





Welcome October

The abundance of autumn

Purple grapes

Lavendar crocus

Fuchsia magenta cyclamen

Blue plums

Indigo aubergines

How wonderful to be

Hue-man and have this

Full spectrum seeing


Even dewdrops

Mirror rainbows


The clarion call for Peace continues!  The community of the OneHeart (CorUnum) carries on with the sharing of each others gifts and intentions. Corrinne meets for early morning dream sharing at Tooks on Cook, 7:30 am when all is still fresh as the dew. Out here it replaces watering the garden! New friends Saynana and Jalquinn deepen the experience of a Culture of Peace through the sharing of many levels of Beingness. October 15 in Central America  the Day of Peace with Justice begins on the same day as Ramadan, the 28 days of fasting for Muslims.  United Nations have marked a week for Prayer for World Peace beginning October 20 to 26 with each mornin'gs meditation focussing on a unifying theme. Word-fasting one might call it should you wish to join.in the abundance of blessings


  Day1  Spiritual Unity

        2  Education for Peace

        3 Compassionate Harmony

        4 Disarmarment

        5 Nations Uniting

        6 Human Development

        7 Human Rights



One more celebration that we never have marked in this way before: the birthday of Murshid Sam Lewis,  creator of the Dances of Universal Peace , was born on this day in 1896. To celebrate  his Life's Dream  we will mark this day with: Feasting and Dancing! It is happening on Wednesday |Evening, October the 18th  at the Yurt. Bring a friend who may be new to the joy of the Dance.


6:30 -7:30   Potluck dinner

7:30 - 9:30  Circles and circles of new dances, old favorites, and our theme dance: Spirit of Peace-

                    Mir Miru Mir.                                 

                    Led by a Circle of Teachers          By donation



Of special note:






Serious Playing for Inner Peace!

Facilitators: Saynana & Jalquin Sha’el

Date : October 22nd 2006

Time : 1 pm - 6pm

Venue : The Yurt, CORUNAM

5990, Old West Saanich Rd.

For more details, see www.omniorion.com

suggested Energy Exchange: $44



Sacred Drumming & Toning

Devotional Dancing for Inner Peace

Dream Role-Play Fun

New Moon Manifestation Meditation

Guided Visualisation for Healing & Balancing

Language Of Light Codes for Active Empowerment

Connecting To Mother Earth

Closing: Blessing The Water Ceremony


Registration is necessary. Please call 250 537 0796 or email: triple_keys@yahoo.com.sg to confirm your place as space is limited.

Or contact Louise at ltyurt@shaw.ca to register.


More About Saynana & Jalquin Sha’el


Saynana & Jalquin are on a world healing mission. They do grid alignments on Mother

Earth’s ley lines, workshops & individual healings around the world. They have worked in Australia, USA & Singapore & have been called now to this part of Canada. They have conducted workshops in Singapore & Australia. They are working upon a very interesting book of channelled messages to the world.They are available for private sessions by appointment. Please call 250 537 0796 or email triple_keys@yahoo.com.sg Please check out their website www.omniorion.com for more information.


Jalquin & Saynana Sha’el