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Sat. Aug 24-25 The Women's Conference - UVic


Navajo Song:

In beauty I walk

with beauty before me I walk

with beauty behind me I walk

with beauty above me I walk

With beauty above and about me I walk

It is finished in beauty

It is finished in beauty







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Welcome friends:

"The earth laughs in flowers" Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you need a moment of tranquility, accept the invitation to  take in the beauty that abounds at this time of year at CorUnum.  The pond is a study in greens and forms while the deer are assisting in pruning both wanted and unwanted shrubberies.  The enclosed garden is a living Monet painting    while the vegetable garden appears more tidy and ready for seeding after a some serious uprooting (aka as weeding). Mind the nettles  should you walk up to the medicine wheel and St. Brigid's rocks. Next year come a bit earlier and pick yourself a hefty dose of the new leaves for steaming, or drying for tea. Now they are already flowering and past their prime to serve as a spring tonic.
Summer is soon officially here and will be heralded with a very special sun that was created by artist Theodore Hallman from Bucks County Pennsylvania, and brought back here after my visit to the East Coast as a token of Divine Arcing from BC to BC! Yesterday's email brought this poem for us to read on the Solstice.  It was written by a woman who had lost her son Matt, and was coming out of her personal winter of grief.  We honor his memory, for what affects one, affects all.

Happenings At the Yurt

Thurs. June 1:  Victoria Mycological Society Annual Picnic in the Garden (rain date July 8) 5:30 contact Christine 478-2976

Sunday June 4: Sacred Circle Dance with Betsey Nuse  and Leslie Moore contact Betsey at 592-2848 (by donation)

June 8 and 22: Woman's Spirit Circle contact Pat at 656-6502

Sat. June 10: Earthdream Full Moon Meditation Group - connecting with Wildcat Wheel and Peace Tribe (Joelle Le Doc from Wisconsin) contact Silverhawk at 652-6558

Sun. June 18: Private Sessions with Francine from Montreal.  Pre-registration necessary contact 382-2736

Tues. June 20: Anchoring the Descent of the Dove in the Heart of the Wheel contact Sharon Alder at 382-2736  or 1-877-880-1122 or email shekinahoneness@yahoo.ca (some details mentioned in May newsletter - please contact Sharon for further details such as agenda, food, etc.) ANCHORING THE DOVE IN THE HEART OF THE MEDICINE WHEEL
The Circle represents the Great Goddess  The Divine Feminine is and has been anchored Mother Earth through Medicine Wheels and peoples gathering and doing Ceremony in Circles for millenniums. The enactment of Medicine Wheels and Circles assists in bringing participants and the areas in which they are enacted, into harmony with one another and the divine energies and intentions of Source. The Source of Creation, or The Creator/Creatrix/ Great Spirit is represented by The Center of the Wheel, 'the focus' of the "One", and bringing All that is represented in The Circle into "the Oneness" of the totality represented by the Wheel. The original circles such as the Stonehenge and Medicine Wheels were laid and enacted in order to ensure the stabilization of Mother Earth, and her alignment with Source and the reception of the Life Giving and Sustaining Energies that come from Source, The "Great Spirit". As We All Know, there is no greater need for this than the present time. "There is added power when high energy people gather together physically with the same intention" Eagle Eye Fall 2003

Mon. June 19: Stargate Journey with Mary Novac.  Preparing the space for the journey to the upper worlds for the healing of women http://shamanngoddess@zaadz.com/ or email seattleshaman@hotmail.com

Wed. June 21: Summer Solstice Celebration with Earthdream Meditation Group 6-10 p.m. contact Silverhawk at 852-6558

Happenings About Town

June 3: Contra Dancing. Odd Hack Band and live caller at St. Martins in the Field 7-10 p.m. $5.00

June to September: It's Happening Again!! Sundeck Yoga - beggining June 27 until mid Sept Tues. evenings from 6:30 - 8 p.m. and Thurs mornings 9:30 - 11:00.  5724 Old West Saanich Rd, Victoria $5 drop-in...no registration.  bring mat, cushion, light blanket or shawl. email juliehenderson@shaw.ca or call 727-6734

June 1, 11 and Aug 8: Sacred Circle Dance, Friends Meeting House, 1831 Fern St., Victoria 7:00 pm. to 9 - by donation.

June 10: Folk Dancers Unite! live music for the 35th anniversary celebration, St. Martin in the Fields, Obed Ave. contact Sheila at 721-0466

June 16: Inner Peace as a Path to World Peace at Glenairley Centre for Earth and Spirit with Marcelle Welch 386-5600 www.spiritdevelopment.ca

Other Around Town events can be seen in the Left Coast Newsletter created by Janine Bandcroft.  To subscribe contact her at events@pej.ca







Conscious Daily Living –Part II of III

Have you been practising listening for your inner voice, following your leadings, being thankful morning and night for being alive, and living more in the moment? Remember, what you practise, you get good a : so, best to consciously pick what you will practise, because you WILL get to be good at it.

What about fun? Do you consciously fit fun into your daily life? I hope so, because fun people are…well…fun to be with! Have you had the experience of getting completely caught up in someone else’s laughter, and letting ‘er rip because it feels so good? Isn’t it a great thing? But how often are YOU the one laughing and getting others caught up in that?

We know that laughter is the best medicine, and that people who laugh a lot feel better than those who don’t. Children laugh spontaneously just way, way more than adults do.  And kids just naturally feel good a lot of the time if we leave them to be kids.

Somehow we allow ourselves to lose that part of ourselves, that child, as we grow toward and through adulthood. What a good thing to consciously decide to recapture. The child in myself. Being willing to see the funny side of what happens and to laugh with it, not always at it, is such a release.

Have you someone who comes to mind who seems to pick the negative in most situations and talk, moan, focus on it? Does someone else come to mind who seems to see that same event and can laugh about it when it goes sideways?

Wouldn’t you rather be around the laugher? I would. So I choose to each day look for the sunny side. Not like some bubble headed Pollyanna because that’s not only irritating but also it’s unreal. But being balanced means I can and will see the whole picture and if that picture is black, will look around for the Light that it always brings too. The darkest experience will provide a lesson that is valuable. And black humour IS humour. It can make me laugh at the darndest things. How ‘bout you?

Being willing to see the light side is a conscious decision you can make each day. Be on the lookout for it and you will have way more fun than the dour, sour, negative-thinking person you try to avoid.

As well, you will be producing endorphins and serotonin. And those feel-good chemicals will keep your energy up, your spirit nourished, your eyes bright, and your will to live in the present healthy.

Consciously slotting in fun activities each day is a practice you can include until it becomes a habit. NOT having fun activities on your daily plan is a habit. So change the habit of excluding fun to a habit of including it. What you practise, you get to be good at. Choose a habit that makes you feel great, makes you healthier, happier and more fun.


Creativity, Fear and Yoga

by Julie Henderson

To understand how fear blocks creativity, take a moment to imagine yourself telling a story.  First, imagine telling the story to someone you love and who loves you.  You probably feel warmth and energy as you fill in the details of your tale to your friend's delight.  Now, imagine telling the same story to someone who, for whatever reason, makes you uncomfortable.  The wonderful twists and turns, the fine points and colourful images that unfolded in your mind for your friend probably won't present themselves.  Instead of warmth, energy, and creativity, you will probably feel opposite sensations and a desire to close down. When we feel unsafe, whether we fear being judged, disliked, or misunderstood, our creative flow stops.  Alternately, when we feel safe, our creativity unfolds like a beautiful flower, without conscious effort.

Knowing this, we can maximize our creative potential by creating the conditions that inspire our creativity.  In order to really be in the flow, we need to feel safe and unrestricted.  However, achieving this is not as simple as avoiding people who make us feel uncomfortable. Sometimes we can be alone in a room and still feel totally blocked.  When this happens, we know we have come up against elements in our own psyches that are making us feel fearful.  Perhaps we  are afraid that in expressing ourselves we will discover something we don't want to know, or unleash emotions or ideas that we don't want to be responsible for.  Or maybe we're afraid we'll fail to produce something worthy.

When you're up against fear, internal or external, ritual can be a powerful and creative antidote.  Before you sit down to be creative, take a few long, deep breaths, expanding your belly and chest on the inhale and contracting your navel on the exhale. Then cast a circle of protection around yourself - visualize yourself standing inside an oval of light.  Imagine that this protective energy emanates unconditional love for our and wants to hear, see, and feel everything you have to express.  Take a moment to bathe in the warm glow of this feeling and then fearlessly surrender yourself to the power that flows through you.


Summer Solstice

This is the beginning of light's love returning to the earth, the warmth thawing through ice and cold is the start of green returning.

already the roots of grasses dream of rising, the lilies of spring remember opening their white elegance their white and gold like the mute swan even now floating among the geese at Cedar Beach, dreams of warm water and children playing along the bank. 

This is what you mean to me, oh Mother sun.  You mean the essence of life.  I honor you.


"It really boils down to this: that all life is inter-related...caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny.  What affects one directly, affects all indirectly. We are made to live together because that is the inter-related structure of reality'  Martin Luther King


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