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International Day of Love and Gratitude for Water

Carry On Grannies

A New Friend to CorUnum

A Day Out of Time – Peace through Inter-Cultural Awareness

Speaking of Mayan Calendar....

Have You Considered a Life Coach.


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Monday August 7   Full Moon
Thursday August 24  New Moon    

Excerpt from Fruits of Life, Waters of Wisdom

Waters of Wisdom to drink deeply from

Every blessed day of the year

Healing truth will always come

To those who face their fear

from Victor's book: Howling Prayers by Dancing Wolf Returning to the Scene of the Rhyme

Those of us who were part of his Evening of Poetry and Music in May at the Church of Truth were unanimous in our appreciation for the risk he took in going public, taking with him seven musicians for his backup in creating an aural ambience.  Both audience and performers were captured in the Nowness of Creativity of the cello, flute, drums, digis, piano and dancer.  The communal sharing of talents through spontaneity was, as I put it "authentic".  He agreed instantly, but stretched out the first sound so it came out as 'awe-thentic.  So Dancing Wolf!






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Welcome friends:

The Earth's abundance is so in evidence as summer is  burgeoning in our gardens.  Whether we cultivate flowers, vegetables or both, we appreciate also the element of water to help everything come to fruition.  You are all so welcome to join us for the local event as we KOKO (keep on keeping on) as witness and celebration of our actions and feelings toward water in our lives on  global International Love and Gratitude For Water Day.

I also want to express my love and gratitude to Julie Morrison this month for her skill, patience and artistry in putting this newsletter together. Thanks to her and to your interest in knowing about the special events here, the word gets around and spreads.


Happenings At the Yurt

Sunday July 9  Picnic, Folk Dancing and Presentation by Nada Dosenovic and guest speaker Susan Maklaren for Discover Arbonne.   Gather at 3:00,  Please contact Nada at 598-6424 or nadad@shaw.ca

Monday  July 10  Full Moon Meditation 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday July 26  New Moon Meditation 7:00 p.m.
Contact: Karen Silverhawk    652 6558


Womanspirit Circle  2nd and 4thThursday of every month   7:30 pm

July 25 A Day Out of Time - see Robby's article for details.


Happenings About Town

Sacred Circle Dance towards Autumn Tuesday, July 11 from 7-9 Pm Friends' Meeting House, 1831 Fern Street in Victoria Admission by donation. All ages welcome. No experience require.  celebrate the changing seasons and the cycles of our lives and wild nature, to remind us of the strength and unity of circles in nature, in our lives, families and communities for more info contact Betsy Nuse (592-2848)


Articles of Interest


This year us the fourth year we are marking  the 'day  out of time' on our Mayan Calendar, or JULY 25 (Tuesday this year) on our Julian calendar.
Robby Holly (Victoria) and Stephen Graves (Shawnigan) are the focalizers of this year's event. You are invited to take part in a Wisdom Council of Men , an ever-expanding and ever-balanced circle of men to guide this significant event. 
In particular:  Calling all didgeridoos.
Robby's article will give you all a broader understanding of why we continue to hold this day as an important one in our lives.  Our sponsoring Dr. Emoto's visit
on May 5th, 2003 when he announced that he and his wife would be going to the Lake of Galilee to initiate the day has been brought up to the current year, with an international invitation, to join them in this  particular procedure. (See the enclosed e-mail).  Wherever you are, here at CorUnum or in your home, we are invited to join in global gratitude for the element of Water in our lives.



Carry On Grannies

CorUnum Circle widens to include the enormous circle of grandmothers in Africa who are raising their children's children because of the AIDS epidemic on that continent. Stephen Lewis' mission is to alert Canadians of this situation and break through the fog of apathy. Seven of us have responded and formed the Carry On Grannies of Victoria, thanks to the initiative of Diana Mitchell,  a forensic lawyer and an unquiet Quaker who rallied us round this cause.  Speaking of grannies, Victoria, as most of you  probably know, is where the Raging Grannies first formed,  a socially and politically savvy group, that added humor to their outrage on how things were proceeding in the civil arena.  The Galloping Grannies then appeared, in another form of affirmative action on the stage of Folkfest, celebrating life, community , and diversity  of cultures through folk dancing.  A triad of strength has been formed in this new granny addition. In August we will host a pot-luck picnic on the beautiful grounds by pond here at CorUnum for the purpose of enlarging our connections.

Julie is on the Board of the group and appears in the photo next to Louise.
For further information of the group's next meeting contact Sher Good at good48@hotmail.com 

A New Friend to CorUnum

Louise Taylor interviews Dr. Corrinne Allyson…

Louise:  I’m quite intrigued about why you call your work: Squaring the Circle?  My father often talked about it as an insolvable mathematical problem, but now you use it in a psycho-spiritual way.  Tell me what it means to you.
Corrinne:  It is the reason we are here in earth…to make manifest the Divine…manifestation is the square; the Divine is the circle.  The journey of our soul is the journey of connection to the mystery of Life.  It is the journey back to our own heart. 
The circle is an archetypal symbol of wholeness, of eternity, of spiritual perfection, of God.  It represents the circle of the heavens whereas the square is the earth, the wholeness or totality, God manifest in creation.
Squaring the circle refers to the inner process of transformation, the mystical union of the four elements and of the opposites in life.  When this happens we experience wholeness and with it a contentment and joy that doesn’t depend on circumstances or on other people.
When we realize the experience of   “as below; so above” or the experience of “as without; so within” we are squaring the circle.  I realize that what I perceive as being “out there” is really inside me.  And what is above, what is sacred and divine and of God is right here on this earth, in this moment in every action.
Louise:  It sounds so esoteric!!
Corrinne:  It is, but it is also very practical.  I grew up like most Westerners completely overbalanced on the physical. I had no spiritual or religious upbringing.  I cared about how I looked, what I wore, if I was thin enough.  I pushed down my feelings and tried to fit in with the world.  Then I had a spiritual awakening and experienced worlds and realms other than the physical and I thought spirit and energy was it.  I was intent on being “spiritual” whatever that means.  I tended to dismiss the personal, the human side of my life, somehow thinking it was less valuable or less important.
But someone who is overbalanced on the spiritual can be a bit flakey and ungrounded.  There can be a lack of connection to the feelings of others for the sake of transcending the physical.
We are here to experience wholeness, not perfection. Everything is already perfect.  Squaring the circle is about that wholeness.
Louise:  You used to be a Jungian psychotherapist?
Corrinne:  Yes. Carl Jung’s writings inform all the work I do. Central to Jung’s work is the dream and I’ve worked with my own dreams as well as those of many others since the 1980’s.  I love dreams!!  Jung was the one who realized the psychological meaning in the alchemical symbols and he really brought soul work and psychological insight together.  I wish I had met him.
Louise:  But you don’t call yourself a therapist anymore.  Why not?
Corrinne:  I’m no longer comfortable with the concept of “therapist” which implies a separation; that someone is wounded and someone is the healer.  I don’t even feel comfortable anymore with the idea of teacher and student which implies someone who knows and someone who doesn’t.
Through my work in Alchemy, my studies of Jung, and through my experiences in the Eastern esoteric traditions I’ve come to realize that Life is the teacher, the Divine is the healer and that we are all connected and participate equally in the creative process of expansion into awareness, into consciousness.
So now I use the Sanskrit term, kalyanmitra which means a companion or friend on the journey of the soul. The kalyanmitra is oriented towards service, not towards teaching or healing.   Clearly learning happens.  There are also therapeutic benefits.  These come as byproducts of the process.
Today, for example, you took me on a tour of your beautiful property.  You know the territory well because you have walked it many times with many people.  I could have explored it myself and eventually found my way, but it was so much easier because of your experience.
It’s the same with the psycho-spiritual journey.  It is so much easier and so much more fun to walk the path with a companion, don’t you think?
The spiritual journey can be a lonely one.  I think of myself as a seeker, walking the path with other seekers and sharing our experiences and wisdom.  I call myself and the people with whom I work by another Sanskrit term sadhaka, which simply means a spiritual seeker.
Louise:  But why do you have to use words that aren’t English?  Sometimes I get so confused with all the terms.
Corrinne: I understand.  For myself, as long as I was using words that we use in English I felt like I was being boxed and packaged into something that wasn’t really me.  If I call myself a “coach”, or a “therapist” that means something to our culture that may not be true for me.
I think we need new models, new perspectives, new paradigms in the West that can hold the energy and process of the journey of the soul. For these, we need new words.  English has a long history of borrowing from other languages.   Look at the word “yoga” for example.  Now it’s an English word!!  Maybe one day “kalyanmitra” will be an English word too.  One that means “a companion on the journey to the heart”!

Workshop Dates Sunday August 20th 9:30 - 1:00 and Sunday September 17th 9:30 - 1:00  Contact Corrine at corrinne99@islandnet.com


















A Day Out of Time - Peace through Inter-Cultural Awareness by Robby Holly

To create a genuine sense of peace in our lives, I believe we must understand any sense of “non-peace” that we live in. More than expecting general disarmament from those about the business of war to bring freedom from the ensuing fear, we must have a state of inner harmony to guide our life.

If we live a life aligned with the rhythms of nature, we might overcome the fear and anxiety that contributes to a sense of separation and isolation, the true essence of “non-peace”. By creating a life based on an intrinsic harmony with nature, we are more likely to create a harmonious, more peaceful existence with our local and global community.

By changing the perception of our world, we will change the world we perceive.

In the Mayan calendar, a 5000 year old system that follows the nature-based rhythm of the 13 moons / 28 day cycle, this cyclical harmony enfolds humanity in a sense of natural order, which reconnects us to a living, intelligent universe where peace is an integral element.

The 12 month calendar we currently use, originating in ancient Rome with Julius and Augustus Caesar is arbitrary and began as a debt collection system. It has no connection to anything real in nature, being a mechanistic tool decided by men to organize their societal affairs. None of the elements of our 12, or 24 hour clocks, are related to the uneven, arbitrarily decided on 12 months, and creates a cycle completely out of phase with the natural harmony of the 13 times annual lunar revolution.

Great thinkers of modern times believe that the irregular nature of this disconnected system of marking time, which is related more to the mechanistic workings of a machine, greatly deteriorates our higher faculties of perception and evolvement.

 Although this calendar is deeply imbedded in our society, it leaves us with a very unhealthy attitude towards time; with much of what we accept as “real” and indisputable simply being aspects of the same irregular standard of measure and include long outdated, unconscious perceptions.

Much of our scientific models in health, that we hold up as standards, are based on flawed conclusions, centuries old and unexamined, ingrained in political maneuvers to maintain profit and power, instead of healing.

We sleep, eat, and work according to a machine, a clock, instead of our own natural rhythms, and continuously increase our stress levels. Modern quantum physicists believe this artificial dependence on a mechanistic system that has become so widely promoted, actually inhibits the vast inner resources inside us that we will need to create a society sensitive to transformation and renewal.

Many have researched and attempted to reform this archaic system, but previous attempts to adopt a different system in the last century by The League of Nations and others, were blocked by the Vatican.    

Followed by many for 5500 years, the Mayan calendar, considered to be an almost perfect measure of our natural solar/lunar cycles, 364 days plus one special day for a holiday of rejuvenation (The Day out of Time), represents the ideal balance between masculine and feminine.

I am not suggesting that by changing the calendar we will bring world peace, there are many aspects to the  change that is needed, but …it is a matter of subtle significance for contemplation.  We cannot unconsciously live in a paradigm of unacceptable ways of being, without affecting our real sense of peace and harmony.

To create peace, or influence non-peace, we must radically shift how we are together, and start here in our own home and community. In centuries past we were encouraged to gather and “contemplate together”, not just sit back and listen to patriarchal edicts. As anyone who has come into the presence of a peaceful, grounded person can tell you, the influence is obvious and real. It can transmute deeply, and is not to be taken lightly. We must “be peaceful” together to “create influence” over non-peace, after all, we create what we think about, so we must be about making peaceful, happy connections here, not focusing on what we do not want over there.

By meeting and connecting in wisdom council circles, with respect and reverence for past traditions (that are at risk of being lost completely); and simply speaking of our own cultural differences, or more importantly our similarities, we can open new avenues of communication and harmony between neighbors in our respective community.

 Living in a young country with ancestors scattered all over, starting new lives, we find wisdom and healing, in listening to simple stories from those that have magically appeared as my neighbor.

 Restorative justice, and therefore peace, can begin when the common goal of unity is modeled, and all are included and valued; especially the elders and those communities with a heritage of respecting traditional values, not just the interests of politics, religion, or business.

Modern life in the city has numbed us to some of our most sensitive qualities and made it very easy to lose sight of any purpose. Spending time in nature and more natural elements brings back a sense of self that seems submerged most of the time.

There are certain places on the planet that I have visited, like Mt Shasta or Seddona, that have even more power and energy to heal people, and one of my favorite places in Victoria is Louise Taylor’s CorUnum Centre. It means The One Heart, and it is on a gorgeous property on Old West Saanich Rd. Anyone that goes there instantly recognizes the impact that just being there has on them. It is a truly peaceful place, and has been blessed with wonderful stewardship in Louise, and is continuously blessed by many gifted, loving people that go there for a vast array of eclectic events.

On July 25th, a Day out of Time will be celebrated there, with a community circle that we are calling The Wisdom Council. The purpose is to express our Gratitude for Peace through Inter-cultural Awareness and initiate circles as a format for communication and learning among different levels of community.

There will be a presentation based on Dr. Emoto’s ground-breaking work on water crystal photography that has shown, not only how powerful our words and intentions are, but the real effects of collective demonstrations of conscious gratitude.

The evening, facilitated by local men, will include a potluck dinner at 6:00, tour of the gorgeous property and its many features, and an open circle at 7:30 featuring a number of guest speakers from our remarkable community, speaking about their cultures creating peace through an emerging awareness of interconnected circles

The event will be presented on a “by donation” basis to give all an opportunity to contribute to the ongoing stewardship of this unique healing centre.

 Our vision is to showcase the positive work already being done and develop collaborative relationships to attract more.

It should be a fascinating and powerful time of simple sharing. We hope this concept will expand and grow to enable the wisdom of inter-cultural circles to influence political, educational, and business representatives in our community.  

It is our hope that by being proactive and creating simple ceremonies together, to reconnect to our source for renewal, that we will spark the creativity needed to bring peace, prosperity, and justice to our communities, and inspire others to do the same.

To speak or participate in any way, or for more information contact Robby Holly - robby@hollyman.ca  / phone 588-7611

Stephen Graves – spiritquestca@shaw.ca / phone 250-743-6683

Louise Taylor – Ityurt@shaw.ca / phone 653-1331 after July 16th


Speaking of Mayan Calendar....

I am again ordering the Mayan Almoonac from Gary Culp, the originator-creator of this unique, encyclopedia day book that  incorporates the Julian Calendar as well.  If you wish to have yours in hand on July 25, the beginning of the Mayan calendar after the Day out of Time,  please let me know by email.  Last year we had to re-order three times and suffer the delay!   The cost is $20 Canadian  or $15 US.  The Crystal Circle is expanding!
Louise   ltyurt@shaw.ca 



Have You Considered a Life Coach.

We have several excellent Life Coaches within our community.  Kathy Santini has submitted an excellent explanation of what they do and who could benefit from their services. 

Could I benefit from coaching?

Wondering if you could benefit from coaching? Here are a few questions that might provide some direction:

¨      Is there anything missing in my life that I’m hungry for?

¨      Am I clear about what I want in life and equally as important, am I taking daily steps to achieve those goals?

¨      Am I stuck in a rut, and don’t know how to get out of it?

¨      Are my personal values evident in my life, or am I just going along with what society defines as success?

¨      Are there areas in my life that I don’t give myself permission to experience, or to express?

¨      Where in my life do I find it hard to say no, or even yes?

¨      Have I been avoiding some decisions in my life, because I don’t know what to do next?

¨      Do I need to notch my life up a bit, from good to great?

Benefits of coaching

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to hire a coach. Those who take this step report some of the following:

¨      The ability to see their life from a number of perspectives, increasing options and possibilities.

¨      Increased creativity.

¨      The ability to reach their goals faster.

¨      An understanding of how their values shape their choices and ultimately their feeling of success, both personally and professionally.

¨      Increased energy and passion for life from living it more on their own terms.

¨      A deeper understanding about their personal saboteurs.

¨      Increased flexibility as they expand their comfort zone.

¨      Increased learning and self-awareness from taking risks and making mistakes in a supportive atmosphere.

¨      New tools that can be used in a number of areas.

¨      Increased confidence from exercising their natural resourcefulness to overcome obstacles.

The next steps

Decided that coaching is worth exploring? If you have, here are a few tips to help you find your ideal coach. First, ask your friends and acquaintances if they can recommend a coach. If you come up empty-handed, google coaches in your area to see who’s available. Most coaching is done by phone, so even if a prospective coach doesn’t live in your town or city that doesn’t mean they can’t coach you. Once you’ve found a coach, ask about their training. Have they received extensive coach training or are they just hanging out their shingle, hoping no one asks? Once satisfied there, ask for a free sample session, to see what your “chemistry,” is like. These sessions are designed to give both coach and client a window into each other’s styles and personalities. It’s a great idea given that you will be working together on intensely personal material. Once the match is made, your coaching journey will begin. If you’re like 99 per cent of those who hire a coach, you’ll never look back.


Kathy Santini is the owner of Arbutus Coaching, a company which offers life and business coaching. She can be reached at kathy.santini@shaw.ca


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