February 2007




Blessed Mother – Be our Valentine



Aho Dear Hearts of CorUnum


From Louise:


Lo! the winter has passed and the voice of the turtle is heard throughout the land... 


Or so it seems what with yellow aconites budding and primroses promising more of their colors under the rhododendrons that survived the wetsnow pruning in December.


Situated as CorUnum is, in a shaded hollow, there are still remnants of snow, pinto patches on the flanks of the hillside.


As for turtles, it is more the honking of the fourteen wild swans our neighbour Larry has harboured and nurtured for five years now. And the barking of Bello, our resident Airedale, who is keeping the deer at bay.


Mother Nature had some housecleaning projects going: a large cedar en route to the pond was brought down, many fir and hemlock branches were strewn on the chip path and the labyrinth is still covered over. No damage however to yurts, workshop, coop or house, for which we are very grateful. Electrical outages were soon taken care, unlike some Sooke residents who, I heard, just got re-connected yesterday, a month and a half later. Surely a dress rehearsal for being prepared with at least water and matches.


During all this time, I was in Europe, first at a Dance Institute outside of Zurich, then Leipzig where Bach spent 27 years of his composing life, and secondly Berlin, city of past glories, the Jewel of Culture in Europe as someone said, and now restoration to Unification after an infamous intermission called World War II.


More of what I look forward to sharing with you from the Zurich experience at Sacred Circle Dance (see Dance section).


In January the meditation circles held the rhythm of CorUnum despite the vagaries of the weather.  Both Silverhawk and Pat welcome new participants, but do request that one contact them first. See the calendar for their phone numbers.


This month also ushered in my 75th year on this planet with a beautiful celebration of international folk dance at the Fairfield United Church Hall.


Present were those who had come to the very first session of folk dancing at the University thirty-seven years ago, as well as the 'steadies' who have 'held the center of the circle' for many years, not to mention four newcomers that evening.


Honoring my birth city of St. Petersburg, the family samovar was brought out, the Russian decorated spoons and bowls, embroidered cloths, flowers and candles.  I thank everyone for such a memorable and heart-warming evening, long to be remembered.


With Dancing Wolf's permission, I enclose the birthday poem he wrote on the spot in the car. With his admirable ability to catch the moment or re-create a scene with both deep understanding and whimsy, those of you who have been on this land will appreciate his inimitable skill.


And yes, there will be a fifth year of Love and Gratitude for Water on the Mayan Day out of Time, July 25th. Each year has been a unique event and we anticipate, with joy, the creativity again to be exhibited.


What an elegant ending, this reference in 'perhaps another day out of time'.   It was Dr. Emoto himself who invited us to join him in the first of this event, after we had him here in Victoria for a lecture and slideshow given with Charlie Simon and Elders of the Cowichan community on Spirituality and Water.


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" (Helen Keller)


Anyone like to be part of our team for this year (??)  Every year has been unique!


Contact Stephen or me if you would like to be participate in carrying the torch for 2007.





The spinning wheels give way to heels

and toes and souls a-walking

Coming face to face with a sacred space

minds tend to stop their talking


So much delight tackles my sight

As CorUnum welcomes me so

I am quite aware of what's in the air

And it's not just the sky aglow


Yet it's a blissful blue, the dappled hue

That compliments the green

Of wondrous trees who often please 

the hearts of those who've seen

their majesty of tapestry

even in these cold days of rest

The cedars dance does so enhance

This feeling: we are so blessed


What can one say on a winter's day

When the mystical is at hand

There are special things that spirit brings

That can come only from the land


Gently kneeling, I find healing

In the quiet of the glen

The Taylor's Yurt on sacred dirt

Moves both heart and pen


So thanks, Louise, and if you please

Let me hug you with this rhyme

I could go on for pages and ever and ages

Perhaps another 'day out of time'.


For dearest Louise

To many more

Love, Dancing Wolf




Happening at the Yurt and Around Town:

(click on links for further information)



February 11, from 1 - 3

Hello everybody, this is a reminder that you are invited to join us next Sunday, in Moss Rock Park for our third annual Valentine's Celebration for the Earth... an afternoon to acknowledge and give thanks to the earth.

Please bring a drum, rattle or a couple of sticks, a song, dance, or story and some earth friendly finger food to share with each other and also with the visible and invisible inhabitants of the area.

This is a family event and children are welcome, however, please know that parents are responsible for the well being of their little ones at all times.

Since this is an outdoor event, please dress accordingly.  If it's pouring rain the event is cancelled.

If you have any more questions, please email or phone me at 382-3582

Looking forward to being with many of you!

Marianne Samaan-Wyss



February 24th                 The Day of Healing


One day Shamanic workshop with Cheryl Dawn

Universal Healing

Catherine Harvey 665-7685




February 25th                 Sound Healing Workshop

                                    Presented by EL KALINADO

                                    Sound Healing



March 3rd & 4th               Coming to the Yurt

self meeting Self

                                    Two day workshop “Animated” by Trinity

                                    self meeting Self


March 11th                     MYSTIC GONG MEDITATION – An Adventure in Consciousness – Experience the Off-World Energy of the Gong

                                    Church of Truth 100 Superior Street - 6:55 sharp

                                    Ross McKenzie 213.3467


                                    E-mail anandaom@yahoo.ca



Dance Events:


Dances of Universal Peace with Carol Sokoloff

First Tuesday of the month  7 pm-9


Sacred Circle Dance with Betsy Nuse

2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month 7pm-9


Both groups gather at Society of Friends Meeting House    1829 Fern Street off Foul Bay Rd



International Folk Dancing

Every Wednesday and Friday  7:30 - 1Opm.

Instructions given. No partner necessary. First time free.

Fairfield United Church Community Hall   Moss and Fairfield intersection.

If you have never experienced the sparks of life that translate into dance and touch the folk-soul, treat yourself to an evening of international dancing.


Then ferry over to Salt Spring end of March for the 4th Intl Festival.



February 17. 9:00

Cupid's One Heart Passion Dance
Fairfield United Hall, 1303 Fairfield @ Moss
$10   Juice Bar
Info 418-0694




                        Cool e-article about Atlantis and Antarctica meant for Lightworkers

                        Earth Log January 2007


Tis a joy to witness and better yet to experience “Divine Timing”. A moment when someone or something crosses our path and we feel a loving connection, a resonance that stirs from within the “Ah ha!, this fits”.


And evolving, as we certainly are, often we seek means to enhance/raise our vibration. For the healing of our self or a loved one, or perhaps to expand our awareness of community, of who we really are.


The Amethyst Bio-Mat. A negative ion, far infra-red ray therapeutic system that improves the immune system, reduces stress and fatigue, eases joint pain and stiffness as well as numerous other benefits. For more information   Bio-Mat



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