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Welcome Friends:
Welcome to the month of August! Lammas in the Celtic/Druidic tradition is the time for  honoring the First Harvest by sharing fruits, nuts and breads.
For those of you who were not able to be present at the fourth year of Day out of Time on July 25: we first shared a cornucopia of food in the small garden. Later we moved to the Middle Meadow and  shared the fruits of our  life's labours (and joys) in birthing newness in ourselves in community. We shared the nuts and bolts of our essential concerns in cultivating a culture of peace. We shared the bread of Life with each other, as the salt of the Earth, without which there is no savouring. 
These two pivotal events,  Anchoring  the Heart of the Dove and the Day of Water on  July 25th, the Mayan calendar Day out of Time showed once again the abundance of community,  the  coming-into-unity  with each other  as the generosity of  Spirit was expressed in the sharing of our life's experiences .This month of August begins the new year according to the Mayan lunar calendar  (one week into it already). It offers a time for beginning the intersecting of circles.
"As we stack cultures, traditions, events and the charisma of personality we see how this synchronistic weaving and deep inexplicable mystery  engages our time wheel. The Mayans call this element the HUNAB KU, galactic source, center of which is everywhere at once, mind, energy and movement. It spirals itself into the matrix we name LIFE, expanding its cosmic timeless nature where it is always NOW. What a paradigm shift!"
   Gary Culp, creator of Almoonac 2004, Doylestown, Pennsylvania
  United Safeworld Accord (USA) for Peace on Earth


Happenings At the Yurt

August 11 and August 25 7:30 p.m. Womanspirit Circle

August 9th New Moon

August 23 Full Moon

August 20:

Jung, Alchemy and Transformation:
An Introduction to Squaring the Circle
with Dr. Corrinne Allyson


The Yurt: 5990 Old W. Saanich Road
Sunday, August 20th, 2006
9:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Guided by the principles of alchemy and the insights of Carl Jung, we will explore the inner world and its relationship to the events in our lives.  In an interactive and experiential setting, we will experience how to connect to the spiritual essence of the Divine through the events and circumstances of daily life.
Pre-registration: $55  Door: $75  Phone370-2388
Corrinne Allyson, PhD is a kalyanmitra, or spiritual companion, who has expanded her previous work as a Jungian psychotherapist to include both the personal and esoteric aspects of the journey of the soul. Her approach connects the individual with their Divine centre and uplifts the events of everyday life into a sacred dimension.

Around Town

August 1st Fireside Gathering in the field in front of the Totem Pole in Beacon Hill Park at 6:30 p.m. for fun, feasting and friendship.  This is an informal, kid friendly event.  Please remember to bring a potluck dish for sharing, your own eating implements, blankets, smiles and family & friends..FREE.

August 2nd - Teron will facilitate a Guided Meditation in Peter's regular spot at the Church of Truth (111 Superior St.).  This is an opportunity for self exploration and reflection.  The session will begin with an Equanimity Empowerment followed by a Meditative Journey, guided by Sacred Sound.  Doors open at 6:10 p.m. Circle opens at 6:30.  In the interest of maintaining the integrity of the circle, please arrive on time Cost: $10 per person.

Sacred Circle Dance, Dancing into Autumn August 8th 7-9 p.m. Friends' Meeting House, 1831 Fern Street, Victoria. Admission by donation; all ages welcome; no experience required. Contact Betsy Nuse 250-592-2848 or bnuse@islandnet.com

August 18 -20 Sacred Dance Workshop in Duncan with June Watts (UK) elliehallman@hotmail.com

August 13 Folk Dancing in the Parks Beacon Hill Park 7 pm to Dark - Free (only 2 sessions remaining. Cameron Bandshell or around the corner from Cameron Bandshell.

August 13 Folk Dancing in the Parks Willows Park 2:30 to 4:00 p.m Live Music.  No Partners needed, no previous experience even! Enjoy cultural continuity at its best.

August   Storyteller's Annual Picnic - for more information call Anne Forrester at 598-7661

Save this date:

September 9th  12 to 4 p.m. Granny's Garden with Wisdom Council Elders, special speaker (TBA) potluck lunch, singing and dancing!  "Where the two circles intersect, there is the new meeting ground".  At the Yurt

October 4 - 12 Crystal Skull Spiritual Journey Workshop in Yucatan, Mexico.  Mayan Consciousness Spiritual Teacher, Don Hunbatz Men,(who spoke at the Yurt two years ago - connecting us very strongly to the continent of South America) a Divine Mayan Elder who is offering this amazing Crystal Skull Energy Workshop in the Lacondon Jungle, and Sacred Pyramids and Temples of Palenque and bonampak, with Mayan Priests and Elders of Merida, Yucatan, and renowned Crystal Skull Teachers.

Contact Catherine for more details and information at 250-220-6875 or reikivictoria@gmail.com

Carry on Grannies! 

A branch of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign, under the auspices of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, has been founded in Victoria, and is known as the Carry On Grannies.   .   First organizational meeting was held in June with eight women in attendance:   a further meeting is planned for August 27th  to develop strategy for effectively helping African grandmothers who are raising grandchildren on their own, after the deaths of their own children from AIDS.     Many of us have grandchildren and can appreciate the huge tasks involved for our African counterparts. 

Much of our effort will be fundraising to provide much needed support for food and education.   It is also planned to be an outreach program on a personal level where possible.

Further information can be found at www.stephenlewisfoundation.org/grandmothers

For information on local developments and future meetings, please contact Dee Heston at 370-4328 (dheston@shaw.ca)

Swim Again
 by Victor Van Buskirk Dancing Wolf
My party grew in a garden just glorious
on the thirtieth day of July
it was a day vibrantly victorious
under a blazing blue sky
the sunshine danced through the happy trees
waltzing with the shadows and shade
 so many different people with keys
to the door my healing heart has made
there was some yummy plums full of a tree,
privy to the festive air
such a delight to have you all celebrate me,
thank you for your loving care
there was luck full of pots and dishes galore
there were desserts better than sex
okay so I am stretching with metaphor
but even language can stand a good flex
there was poetry and song and lots of laughter
there was a love real to the touch
and shortly into it all, long before after
I had never felt honoured so much
many of you know I have struggled for years
and this one had been the worst
a pain so intense it exposed all my fears
finally forcing me to quench my thirst
to drink from the half full cup that is mine
for only my lips fit it's brim
to sip and gulp such liquid divine
oh my goddess to jump in and swim
I am speaking of love indeed I am
and yes I have done that before this
but to actually swim again right after I swam
to hold precious what comes with more bliss
people were walking all through these acres
for the land holds gifts that we can not
prosperity is not all about movers and shakers
forgiving is not about what we have got
there was a green table pinging with pong
 balls were bouncing all over far and wide
I am learning that there might not be right and wrong
but I play with my life with the games that I hide
so to all you I hold dear, know I am thriving and well
even more Leonine than I was last week
not all pompous and proud with too much to tell
just grateful for you hearing more than my past speak
the evening entered with gentle respect
the starlight bid our great day adieu
while I won't be charged with neglect
cards and presents got mixed up it's true
so if you don't get a call or an e-mail soon
you now know the real reason for the above
embarrassing if I let my ego play that tune
quite human if I let my heart sing from the love
the Yurt was dancing to the beat of our feet
the rhythm of love is most compelling
that's why my dance floor is never complete
without the wonder I am now spelling



Articles of Interest:

PRAYING FOR PEACE by Marianne Williamson

Like many people, I'm both glued to the news and horrified by it. My thoughts and feelings have been thrown out of order, into some kind of  disarray that at times surprises me. We're all being challenged by world events to see just how deeply our convictions lie, and how and  where we're ready to apply them to the realities of the world. For myself, if I'm sure of anything I am sure of this: the mortal mind, as it is currently and commonly configured within human consciousness, is inadequate to the demands of the times in which we live. As Gandhi said, "The problem with humanity is that it's not in  its right mind." We are being asked by history, by evolution, by God,  to evolve beyond all thoughts of separation to see the unity of all children of God. Ultimately we will leave behind as quaint such notions as "national sovereignty." We will realize that all of us are  one. Or else... No one has a monopoly on human suffering, and no child is more precious to God than any other. Only when we have learned to love as God loves will the world be uplifted to where it naturally  belongs. It's one thing to say that, or to even believe it. But how do we apply it to such a moment of world crisis as confronts us now?

A Course in Miracles says that God does not give us victory in battle; rather, He lifts us above the battlefield. Our greatest spiritual contribution to this moment is to remember, in the words of the Course, that "beyond this world is a world I want." Beyond this three dimensional reality where the horrors of war are raging, there is another field of possibility alive in the Mind of God. Our work as individuals is to claim that world beyond this one, with passion and conviction; it is a world in which Jews and Arabs and Christians -- and everyone else as well -- are united not through the body but through the spirit. Close your eyes and see with your Inner Eye what the newspapers cannot show you. See the light within every Israeli, the light within every Palestinian and Lebanese, the light within every human heart, emerge from the center of their souls and then merge into One. See this, hold onto the vision, pray that it become are reality on the face of the earth, and then surrender it into the hands of God.

 What the world needs now is a miracle, and it is miracles to which we are all entitled. For miracles occur naturally as expressions of love; they are in fact the natural order of the world when the mind is in  its natural state. Our task, quite simply, is to love in a way that we have never loved before. Let us love even those with whom we do not agree, perhaps even those whom we might think we hate. Let us love them not personally, of course, but impersonally. Let us reach for the Love of God within us, that we might reach the Love of God within them. Let us all awaken to a higher truth, that we might be subconscious awakeners.

Neither Israel nor Lebanon need any of us to fall into this nightmare with them. What they need is for us to remain spiritually awake -- to the truth of their Oneness in the Mind of God. Because all minds are joined, our being awake will help them all to awaken. Their souls are  making an ultimate sacrifice for each of us, showing what lies ahead for the world should we not remember who we truly are.

God bless Lebanon. God bless Israel. God bless every child of God. And

God, please help us to live in peace. We need a miracle. And we need it  now.


A Day Out Of Time (according to the Mayan Calendar) Part I of II

The Year of "The Red Magnetic Moon"

What follows is the slightly altered but complete speech that I had prepared to be delivered at the ‘a day out of time’ event (a Mayan Calendar celebration) on July 25, 2006 at CorUnum (The Yurt).



I probably underestimated the time that this speech would take so as I ran out of time (which is a good thing to happen on a day out of time) I did not get to the final part of what I had planned to say… Which was actually also a good thing!!!
Over the last few days I had been trying to come to grips with the fact that the Mayan Calendar ‘runs out’ by the year 2012. Now, you will notice at the end the printed version of this speech that I make mention of the expanding/contracting universe theory…
As I was preparing this talk I felt more and more driven to bring this theory up, that we (and the universe :) are likely at the transition point of that dynamic: the expanding universe going into its contracting phase. Even while speaking, I could not fathom (some may have noticed me trying to form the words… but I just could not pronounce them…) why I was not able to bring this contracting universe topic up at the event. It was only a few hours after - at twelve PM to be precise - after I had delivered the shortened version of the speech that I realized why. It suddenly dawned on me that I could not bring this up until the Red Magnetic Moon Year had started, which is… today (July the 26th) as I’m writing this.
During a phone conversation with Louise today, she used the word ‘unification’ and then I had another insight, over the last generation we have found ‘unification’ to become a more and more important notion to us. Why does ‘unification’ feel better to us than say ‘diversification’ or ‘fragmentation’… it must be because we are preparing for the contracting phase of the universe to take place.
But why mention it today on the first day of the ‘red magnetic moon’ year? Probably because during this moon year unity and unification is what we shall be working at more intensively…

Funny, how my own speech makes much more sense to me now than when I put it together:
Here we are,
right now…
A celebration of
“a day out of time”
and… in what a beautiful place…
“a place out of space” perhaps?

But of course we cannot really step out of time or step out of space…
as it always here where we are all the time!

But we can step away from:
calculated time, exploited time,
… away from exploited space …
and it is that what we are celebrating here now in a fuller awareness…

We were just shown in the yurt the slideshow of the amazing discoveries by Dr. Emoto depicting those miraculous water crystals: conscious moments of water as if frozen in time, we have just participated in that wonderful Mayan Calendar Ceremony by the pond, and we have thanked ‘the water’ for staying so closely connected and integrated with ‘the earth’, and later on we will be doing a fire ceremony.
It looks like we are covering water and fire well - and rightly so - but I feel that it would not be out of place to spend some moments out of time devoted to earth… and maybe we can even cover the remaining elements… atmosphere and space.

I’d like to donate some of the fifteen minutes that I’ll be speaking here, to the Earth but… in silence with you. While in silence for the next few seconds, could you in your mind’s eye imagine how you see our beloved Earth, how you feel your concerns about her, consider her past, consider her future, how you extend your best wishes to her?
… … …
Probably some of you may have considered our earth to be in some pain?
Ah, what have we done to her?
Some of you, after having seen “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore may have decided to step up your effort in helping her heal herself.
Ah the Earth… this place where we are… in this time…

There is something that we, especially those in, let me call it alternative or new age circles have worked very hard on over the last two generations, something we can actually be proud of: we have really come to appreciate being here on Earth.
That was not always so. Could you imagine some 75 years ago that your great-grandmother would be saying to your grandmother, “You have to ground yourself!” or “Be Here Now!” ?
In those days it seems that in religion and culture that it was overall more important to get out of this place… to get elsewhere: Heaven or Nirvana… and if that did not work out, oh well Hell or Hades. In bible-based religions they talk about heaven, in Hinduism they talk about escaping the wheel of Karma during our sojourn here on Earth, in Buddhism there is Nirvana that cannot wait except for... the odd Bodhisattva.
It seems that over the ages Earth was not appreciated too much ‘overall’!
How good that we now embrace her, she needs our love, she loves our love.
But still, the other day while I was leafing through some New Age style magazines on the magazine shelves at Chapters, I was struck that there still were some sentiments expressed that found it good to ‘kinda’ escape from here… (Maybe to end up with an ascended master? :)
And then I saw this journal that had Stephen Hawking proposing that humankind should eventually survive on an alien planet… (Can we really? After he noted that we can hardly survive here?!)
Hmm…, maybe it behooves us to check out if we ourselves are really not still some ‘closet escapist’…

The Earth wants us here… fully, with all our heart, one Heart one Earth.

Let’s give ourselves fully to her as she so unconditionally gives herself to us… even if it pains her and as we are we doing her harm.

When Louise, a few weeks ago, urged me to attend this gathering, she said, “Wim you have helped me see that this IS the garden!” - NOT ‘Eden Lost’.

Maybe we have not been excommunicated from Eden, perhaps we have just been made not to see it.

Let’s help each other to see Eden here and live it.
 Watch for part II next month.

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